Rabu, 12 Agustus 2015

Laris Hemorrhoid Medication During Lebaran

SHAWL PROMOTION - Sales of drugs without a prescription in pharmacies are likely to increase in the days of Eid. One of these hemorrhoid medicine, which is believed to be related to diet completely comfortable in this special day.

"Lately hemorrhoid medications also in demand," said Henry, a pharmacist in Yogyakarta when contacted detikHealth, Saturday (18/07/2015).

Henry did not know the exact cause, but he believes it is related to diet. During Eid, the food menu is dominated by food bersantan, fleshy, and tend to be less fiber. CHAPTER (defecation) so it is not smooth, thus triggering alias hemorrhoid recurrence of hemorrhoids.

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In general, fruit and vegetable consumption in Indonesia is very low tecatat. Agency for Health Research and Development (Balitbangkes) noted, the intake of vegetables and fruit in Indonesia is only 91 grams / day, only half of consumer spending in Thailand and the Philippines.

Even compared to Singapore, fruit and vegetable consumption in Indonesia is only one-fifth. For adequate intake of fiber and vitamins, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the consumption of vegetables and fruit at least 5 servings a day.

"Expand eat fruits and vegetables! In addition to offset so as not to eat too much fat, it is generally the consumption of fruit and vegetables we still low," Chief message Balitbangkes, Prof. Tjandra Yoga Aditama, SpP (K).

In addition to hemorrhoid medicine, some other types of drugs also sells on the day of Eid. Among these hypertensive drug, cholesterol, gastric acid drugs, drug dizziness and headache, and flu medicine. Fatigue and unhealthy eating patterns in the day of Eid is likely to trigger a relapse of chronic disease.

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