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Do not Ignore Foot Health! Although often Closed, Fixed Should Treated

Shawl Promotion - The skin of the face, neck, and hands are some parts of the body that is often overlooked health because it is easily exposed. But do not forget also the skin of the foot. 

Feet almost all day covered by shoes or sandals so maybe only a few people are paying attention. Whereas a skin condition that can be very extreme leg between too moist or even vice versa, dry. 

Various health problems can arise if someone let the foot shape as said by Dr. Sari Chairunnisa, SpKK, of Bamed Skin Care. If it is too moist feet vulnerable moldy and when it is too dry feet can be cracked. 

"Cleaned. There are some people whose feet tend to dry so you should use a moisturizer on foot after a shower," said Dr. Sari when contacted detikHealth and was written on Wednesday (08/26/2015). 

Legs should be cleaned twice a day after showering and always kept moisture. But remember do not let the foot too humid with occasional remove footwear when you are on the move. 

Dermatologist Dr. Laksmi Duarsa, SpKK, of D & I Skin Center Bali add foot humid conditions a favorite of developing the disease-causing fungus Candida water fleas. 

"Legs quite often cleaned continues to maintain dryness. Can love fragrance oils it should be done but essentially keep dry feet away. Out of washing the feet directly drained," said Dr. Lakshmi. 

Well readers detikHealth, the typical time of this review we will discuss about the health of skin of the foot. For the curious continue to pay attention to the following articles ya!

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